Monday, March 31, 2008

Knitting Survey

I was spoiled by my 3rd quarter knitting class. Not that I haven't enjoyed ALL the other quarters, but in particular, 3rd quarter was exceptionally enjoyable. The combination of students made for a quieter class session each morning--not too much drama or controversy. There were fewer than normal students (about 14-15, depending on the tutoring schedule). And they inspired one another on a daily basis. That was the pleasure. Sometimes I felt I could slip into the background of the class and watch them knit and chat and look at patterns and figure out what they wanted to make next. It was amazing. The teacher who soooooo graciously shares her classroom with me and all the stuff that comes with me suggested I survey the students about some of their experiences while learning to knit. Fourteen students were surveyed. Here are the results.

1. On a scale of 1-5 how much do you enjoy the craft of knitting? Circle one.
(1 = Don't like it 5 = Love It!)

Two gave it a "3"
Two gave it a "4"
Ten gave it a "5"

2. How difficult was it for you to learn to knit? Circle one.
(1 = Super Easy 5 = Really Hard)

One gave it a "1"
One gave it a "1.5"
Four gave it a "2"
Seven gave it a "3"
One gave it a "4"

3. If knitting was difficult for you when you began, has that changed? Why or why not?

Four said "It wasn't difficult"

The others said:
"Now my hands are used to it."
"It was at first then was easy."
"Because I had never knitted before and I didn't know what to do at first."
"It was hard because I added stitches. It was challenging and after (being pulled out for academic tutoring and then coming back) it was easier."
"Yes, but then I got the hang of it."
"In the beginning it was hard to know where I was at, but I knit faster."
"It took awhile to get the hang of it, but now I am pretty good."
"It is really easy to do now. I want to be in it again."
"It was easy after I got used to it."
"Yes, it helped me a lot with concentrating."
"It changed because I practiced it."
"I tried really hard to learn how to knit."

4. What have you learned about your learning style from knitting?

"It depends on your mood in order to see if you knit tight."
"That I do my best by doing it over and over and over!"
"It helps me be calm and patient."
"I'm not sure."
"Purling and knitting."
"It helps me relax and be calm."
"You can patch up clothes and do other things."
"It may take me awhile, but if I dedicate myself, I can succeed."
"I have learned many styles like purl, knit, etc."
"That I can grasp things really easy sometimes."
"Um...not it really helped me."
"I watch people."
"I learned better when someone showed me and explained."

5. Is there a way you could apply your experience of learning to knit to learning other subjects or life skills?

"Yes. Because I know that if I try I can be great at something."
"Yes. Because knitting is like life. You have to go one step at a time."
"I heard doctors need to know how to knit and sew...might have been just sew."
"I don't know."
"Yes, my creative ability."
"I could use finger knitting to make a rope."
"Yes, to be calm and patient."
"When I am old."
"Scrapbooking. I can knit stuff into a scrapbook."
"BE PATIENT! Don't be in a hurry. It will come to you."
"Yes. In knitting."
"Take your time on everything."

6. Which words best describe you when you knit? Circle all that apply.

Relaxed (10)
Frustrated (0)
Time flies (4)
Proud of my work (10)
Stressed (1)
Able to think (4)
Takes too long (1)
I stink at it (0)
Calm (10)
Bored (1)
Productive (7)
I could do this forever! (8)
Talkative (1 written in)
Fun (1 written in)

7. How ofter do you knit at home?

Three said "Never"
Four said "Once/week"
Five said "2-3 times/week"
Two said "Nearly every day"

8. What other types of projects would you like to knit?

Hat (4)
Teddy Bear (1)
Anything (1)
Monster bear (3)
Stuffed animals (3)
Scarves (1)
Tank top (1)
Socks (2)
Shirt for monster bear (1)

9. How many quarters have you enrolled in knitting? Circle one.

Five said "1"
Seven said "2"
Two said "3"

10. Circle the two that apply to you.

7th grade (5)
8th grade (9)
Boy (9)
Girl (5)

Whew!!! Some fun information there for me to digest. To close I'll showcase some of the final projects from the 3rd quarter and leave you with my favorite survey response. "Knitting is like life. You have to go one step at a time."

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