Thursday, February 7, 2008

Busy Little Bees

My husband has been on a bread making kick lately. We use the bread machine that was given to us over 13 years ago. It still makes great bread!! Most of the time we use it to make pizza dough and thus, homemade pizza. But lately...bagels and french bread! Yum!

Then, my daughter, after watching cooking shows, was inspired to make these marshmellow creme filled chocolate cupcakes. The recipe is found on the Martha Stewart website. Look in the Every Day Food section. They were delish!

Me???? Here's my first earflap hat. I bought the yarn as a throw in to make it up to a $25 minimum purchase from Little Knits I had never seen or touched the yarn before, but just liked the colors. My husband had been wanting an earflap hat and when I received the yarn, I knew it would be the hat. The yarn is Noro (I want to say "Transitions," but DRATS! right now I can't find the label). It felt a bit twiney and scratchy at times as I worked it up, but as a hat it is soft enough and my husband has a great head of hair to protect. The pattern is adapted from a baby earflap hat pattern in One Skein Wonders.

My daughter snagged it before my husband even had the chance.

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