Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hard Up For a Swift

Well, this isn't a product of junior highers, but it is made of a child's toy. I had heard about this before. It's not my idea. But it is my own design, as I was so desperate for a hank that I pulled out the Tinker Toys and started building without bothering to look up an already established design. I guess I literally was re-inventing the wheel.

I just purchased nine beautiful hanks of Cascade 220 to make a tote bag to felt. After touching the yarn and admiring the hanks (I do love the way yarn looks in a hank), and making everyone else in the family touch it and admire it, I pulled out my ball winder and began to plan the pattern. With everyone at work and school, there were no extra hands to help keep the yarn in line while winding. So out came the Tinkers. It took only minutes to build and a few adjustments before I was winding. I even saved some for later so the whole family could see what I built and how it works. Of course, my son had to give it a try too. Although I love the way swifts look and have considered buying one, I especially love the resourcefulness of this one. It cost no extra money and will take up no extra space. You just can't beat that.

Productivity is good for the self esteem.

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